Saturday, April 30, 2011

Astros sale getting closer

All sorts of reports from late last night, in which it seems the Astros are getting closer to changing hands.

Mark Berman says that Jim Crane is Drayton's "sole focus" to sell the Astros.

Berman, who notes that KILT had it first (classy):
Major League Baseball sources confirmed for FOX 26 Sports that Crane has entered into an exclusive arrangement to try and buy the team.

During the unspecified length of the arrangement, Crane will be the only one negotiating with Allen and Company, the New York-based investment banking firm hired by McLane to help sell his franchise.

Drayton, to McTaggart:
"We're negotiating with him, but we're negotiating with several other people. We're trying to do a deal with several people, and certain Jim Crane is one of them."

KHOU is reporting that the sale of the Astros is getting closer, but Drayton would not confirm if he was selling to Jim Crane.

"When we get a deal done, we have a signed agreement. Until you get a signed agreement, there’s really not a lot to talk about."

Smart move, Drayton, given what happened last time the Astros were linked to Crane.