Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise of the Day: FanGraphs has Astros last in Organizational Rankings

FanGraphs is posting their Organizational Rankings for 2011, and just as we suspected, we wouldn't have to wait long to come across the Astros.

Dave Cameron:
Things aren’t going very well down in Houston. In addition to having both the worst rated major league roster and the bleakest future outlook in terms of talent, the Astros also scored the lowest grade of any baseball operations department, and were in the bottom tier of teams in terms of financial resources. There isn’t just one glaring problem here – it’s a collection of wide-ranging issues that harm the team’s chances of winning now or any time in the foreseeable future.

Be sure to read the comments at the bottom.

There are your usual complaints about the financial situation, Carlos Lee, the farm system, and how much Ed Wade sucks. Typical.


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree too much with the present and future talent grades, but the lowest grade re: baseball operations? I like this front the very least, they know how to hire good people: Bobby Heck, Brad Mills, Arnsberg, Felix Francisco.

I checked out their methodology, and they disallowed anyone ranking the team they followed closest. This was probably done as a way to preempt those who would bring up Dave Cameron and his bias towards the Mariners. But that should have been taken care of by spreading the votes around to the whole staff. What disallowing those votes does in reality is disqualify those who know the most about the team. How familiar are even the most avid baseball fans with the "baseball operations department" of all 30 teams? And what is the criteria for any particular ranking? Trading? Hiring? Size of scoreboard?

Fangraphs is using weights and rankings to put a gloss on something that in the end is still highly subjective. And it's not a very thick coat of gloss, either.

Astros County said...

Anonymous, you're my new favorite anonymous poster.