Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lyles' fastball is kind of referred to as our Lord and Savior

Steve Campbell has an article on Jordan Lyles, and how easy he makes everything look. It's quite complimentary.

But Burt Hooton had this to say about Lyles' fastball:
“It’s an easy, live fastball. It has what I call a second coming. He’s got such an easy delivery that the hitters see it well and they think they’re on it, but when it gets to the plate, it gets on them a little bit quicker. A second coming.”

“I can’t really control what clubhouse I start in. I can control the mindset I bring to the field every day. That’s really how I am. I’m just trying to get better. Wherever I go, I’ll try to get myself better. Whenever that time comes, I’ll be ready.”