Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lee to 1B is still a possibility, and Wallace knows it

McTaggart has an article up in which the Astros could give Carlos Lee some time at 1B after the rosters get trimmed. What does Brett Wallace think about this?

Brad Mills on that very question:
"We've talked to Brett about that. He's aware of it. He's a confident kid. He's confident in his ability and he knows the whole situation. If he goes out and plays like he's capable of playing, he doesn't have to worry about anything else. Just do what you can do and you'll be fine...

...He's got confidence in his ability, and quite frankly, so do we."

Can we go ahead and talk about what a terrible idea this is? How much practice does Carlos Lee need? Wallace mayhave all the confidence in the world, but it doesn't make any sense to see how strong that confidence is by letting the guy who everyone knows will take his job if he continues to not hit take some reps. Turrble.