Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lance Pendleton isn't really interested in rejoining the Yankees

Steve Campbell interviewed Lance Pendleton yesterday (as did Stephen Goff), and found that Pendleton isn't so interested in going back to the Yankees.

"I enjoyed my time with the Yankees, but if you understand, I'm not really itching to go back,. I want to stay."

"I like him a lot. I like his stuff. He's kind of that older guy with a younger arm, a fixed arm, a new arm. I see some great upside."

He's throwing the ball very well. He's really made a good impression. He's a strike-thrower. He's been consistent so far. That shows he was really working in the offseason."

Pendleton was one of three pitchers to not crap his pants on the mound yesterday, so that's a good start for the Rule 5 pick.