Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim Crane not a slam-dunk choice for other owners

The Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown has an interesting note on the potential ownership bid by Jim Crane - and it might not be a simple approval process.

Your money quote:
A lot will depend on the vetting process of all those prospective buyers, how Crane fits in in terms of the amount of debt he will carry (there are new rules that have been agreed upon by the league and the MLBPA that will make it harder for owners to carry substantial debt), and how his prior deal of walking away from McLane at the last minute all factors in. I’ll lean toward Crane landing the Astros, but it’s not a clean sweep.


Anonymous said...

Baseball and the Astros will be lucky in landing Jim Crane as the new owner of the Stros. He came from nothing pulled himself up by his bootstraps to where he is today with hard work and integrity. That and he was an All American pitcher for the Central Missouri Mules so he knows a bit about the game. Go Stros Jim will take them to the World Series soon enough..

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ... I see the old Jim Crane cheerleaders and lackeys from last year's Rangers articles are back out in force. (Or maybe it's Jim Crane himself -- Hi Jim!)

Jim Crane reneged on the sale of the Astros in 2008, failed to land the Cubs in 2009, and then failed to land the Rangers last year.

The "college pitcher" bit is getting old. There are literally tens of thousands of people in America who played mid-level or low-level college baseball like Jim Crane. The idea this means Crane is a "baseball man" is ludicrous. Crane has had no connection to baseball since the '70s.

As for Crane's "integrity," I invite people to read this article from the Houston Press and then decide for themselves:


There's no chance Jim Crane is an upgrade over Drayton McLane. None whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's a stretch putting "Jim Crane" and "integrity" in the same sentence.

Jim Crane blamed the economy for reneging on his deal to buy the Astros in 2008 but then made a bid for the Cubs less than a year later. After his Cubs bid failed, Crane tried to ruin the Greenberg/Ryan deal for the Rangers last year. None of this endeared Crane to MLB officials or the other owners.

Away from baseball, Crane is known for living a lavish lifestyle (private jets, summer homes far from Houston, etc., etc.) and for all kinds of personal and professional strife, from family problems to allegations of employing anti-minority policies at his companies.

Don't believe me? Read "Transferring Assets" from the Houston Press, which Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown linked to a few days ago:

mjd_39_99 said...

Seems like he is in the wrong business if he is anti minority