Friday, March 11, 2011

Crawfish Boxes are mad as hell at Gene Coleman

And it makes sense as to why.

Apparently, Gene Coleman has the Astros doing squats on the machine, and not with free weights. If I was even in the 10th percentile of being in shape, this might mean something to me. But the outrage displayed by David Coleman sounds right to me.

And Deputy Jason, who is the closest thing we have to a centaur on earth, says:
Free weight squats are the one exercize all of our players should be doing. There is no better full body lift, period.

Bad form (get it?) by the Astros.


Anonymous said...

I work out daily and do free weight squats as part of my regular routine, however I am not a professional athlete.

I'm tempted to side with the Astros strength and conditioning trainers on this one. The Crawfish writer cites Bags as a hypothetical dissenter, but the man himself has stated publicly that he regrets going all bodybuilder at the gym and blames his older routines as being partly to blame for his later injuries.

I'm just saying that professional baseball players aren't bodybuilders and their lifts should reflect that.

Ryan Sides said...

Just because Bagwell wishes he may not have gotten AS big, doesn't mean that free weights are not important.

In my (limited) research, excercises like squats, deadlifts and cleans are some of the most important because they utilize such a large set of the muscles in your body. If you don't want to get too bulky, that doesn't mean don't do them, it simply means do less reps/weight.