Thursday, March 31, 2011

Astros preview with Robert Flores

ESPN's Robert Flores (and Honorary Astros County citizen) was kind enough to answer some questions about the upcoming season. Read closely and cherish it, because this will be the most words about the Astros you'll see from ESPN all season

AC: Of course the Big News is the impending sale of the franchise. How do you, as a fan (and not as a SportsCenter anchor) feel about it?

RF: Drayton has a lot of critics, and has drawn the ire of fans for years. However, all Astro fans should be thankful for the success he helped bring to Houston. Hopefully, new ownership can create some momentum and build on the tradition that Drayton McLane helped create.

AC: On paper, this won't be a very exciting season for the Astros, standings-wise. What has to happen for the Astros to surprise people?

RF: That’s a tough one. Pitching has to be incredible. I mean really good. Brett Meyers and Wandy Rodriguez have to pitch even better than last year. Brett Wallace and Carlos Lee have to put up big numbers at the plate.

AC: What did you think about Berkman/Oswalt's departure, and who do you see as the new face of the franchise?

RF: I was sorry to see those guys go, but I understood why they wanted out. Michael Bourn? Hunter Pence? Hopefully, that’s a question that will be clearer in the months ahead.

AC: What would we have to offer for you to disparage the Cardinals on air?

RF: Maybe a Cesar Cedeno jersey circa 1977. Hahaha I definitely couldn’t do that and still have a job. Seriously though, I want that jersey!

AC: Thoughts on the 2011 Astros record?

RF: 77-85