Saturday, February 12, 2011

They Are Our Astros

The slogan for 2011 will not be "Infected With Rage," as we suggested on Twitter (after watching 28 Days Later).

Oh, no. The slogan is "We Are Your Astros".

Initial Reaction: Quite obvious. They are our Astros. An edgier slogan would have been, "You Got A Fight Comin...Comin' Today!" Or, "(Keith) Law Don't Come 'Round Here, Lawdog"

Ad firm's creative designer Lee Queano:
"This is perhaps the strongest communication we have ever created for the Astros. The team belongs to the fans of Houston and this year's campaign is supported by the continuing involvement and commitment of the Astros through countless community efforts to make the city an even better place to live."



John Royal said...

First thought, if these are my Astros, I would really like to return them for a good team.

Second thought, they need to hire a new ad team.

Third thought, I like "infected with Rage" so maybe they should give you a call.

Fourth thought, I need to watch "28 Days Later" again.

Kelsey said...

"A group of fellow sophisticates"