Friday, February 18, 2011

Ryan Rowland-Smith's exit interview

With a captip to the Crawfish Boxes, there's an interview between Ryan Rowland-Smith and Lookout Landing on his time in Seattle.

Don't want to pull too much from the excellent interview, but thought this was an interesting note about the potential differences between Safeco and Minute Maid:

Put it this way: you make good pitches, keep the ball down, ahead of the count, it doesn't matter if you're pitching on the moon. Sure, the ballpark plays a role in success, but looking back I have succeeded in parks where the ball flies out and I have been lit up in parks where it's a graveyard. There are other factors that go into a ballpark as well. Basically, If I am comfortable in a place, it really doesn't matter if it's a pitchers park or not. Plus half your starts are on the road anyway.