Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing helps your confidence like getting mopped by Randy Couture

Nice article article on Ryan Rowland-Smith by Zach Levine, who attributes his increased confidence this Spring to two items:

1) MMA training with Randy Couture and bald Jay Glazer:
"There was a lot of stuff I went through last year where I lost my confidence and doubted my ability. Just being around those guys reminds you of that competitive aspect, and it brought that back."

And 2) Shacking up with David Aardsma's sister:
"I was at my girlfriend's parents' place and was at their house and thought, 'I might just try to get a trade to Houston and shack up here,' just joking. Sure enough, two weeks later, I was a free agent."

We seriously need an "Australian" font for when he's quoted. In the meantime, this had better happen when he pitches against the Cardinals: