Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No one gets this excited when I put on 20 pounds

Jiovanni Mier has done some working out this off-season, apparently.

Director of Player Development Fred Nelson:
"One of the things that we were hoping he'd be able to do over time would be to add some weight, hopefully body strength, and by the same token not lose any quickness or running speed."

Wade, on what Mier needs to develop:
"It's consistency and plate discipline more than anything. He's going to grow into a little bit of power with the body he's got, but it's really just a case of getting professional at-bats."

As Levine mentions, Mier is kind of behind the eight-ball with the Astros trading for Jimmy Paredes, who's officially one-step ahead of Mier in the system. Mier's 2011 destination is up in the air, but it's logical to think he'll be back in Lexington to start the year.