Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyone's so comfortable with Mills, they might just take their pants off

Kicking off what I'm sure will be six weeks of "We can win this!" and "Are you ready to be a champion?" (Like anyone is going to answer, "Nope. I'm ready to go 74-88!"), Brian McTaggart starts it off with how awesome Brad Mills is.

Wade, on Mills:
"I think Millsie has clearly established his role as the leader of this club on the field and the coaches have bought into Millsie's programs, his expectations, and I think the players have, too. They dealt with a guy that had their best interests at heart last year as individuals and the best interests of the team and the organization at heart. I can't imagine any manager that put more of himself into the effort than Millsie has."

My money's on Ozzie Guillen, but whatever. Wade knows that health is the key to the already-then Major League-ready roster:
"It would be great if you had three layers of depth and could cover yourself if you had major breakdowns, but we need to stay healthy. We're pressing some kids right now to step up and fill some roles that are challenging. If we have to go beyond some of those kids and dip down even further, it might get a little bit tough.