Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of course, the first question MiLB asked was, "How do you pronounce your name?"

Amazing. One of the ten questions MiLB asked prospect Mike Foltynewicz was "How do you pronounce your name?" (His response? It's Fol-ten-eh-vich)

Also, when players you follow start mentioning players they look up to who are younger than you are, it's time for tears:
I always liked Justin Verlander. He's got a tall frame, throws 98 and really knows how to get the ball up there. I always liked watching him play, and admire the things that he can do. I liked him when I was younger, and still do to this day.

What did he buy with his $1.3m signing bonus?
Not really, because I'm going to need that money down the road. Although hopefully I'll be able to make plenty more down the road and not have to worry about it. But so far all I've gotten is a truck, a Ford F150 with nice big rims on it. It's not the greatest on gas, but in the snow it gets you where you need to go.