Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looks like the Astros are going to have to pay Keppinger

So for all the talk of Jeff Keppinger getting traded, those ideas changed today as Keppinger is going to need surgery on his foot, and will likely miss the beginning of the regular season.

Keppinger spent two weeks on the disabled list late last year with left big toe sesamoiditis, which is an inflammation of two small bones near the ball of the foot. He spent six weeks in a walking boot and told general manager Ed Wade on Wednesday he was beginning to experience discomfort trying to accelerate while walking and jogging.

He'll miss 3-4 months, so if the surgery is scheduled for next week, that puts him back around May.

"Due to the fact he's had this health setback, the opportunity to put him in a situation with another club and get more playing time has gone past the board until it resolves itself. We're hoping he bounces back quickly and gets healthy and everybody else on the club is healthy."