Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just how much interest is being shown in the Astros?

Here's a quote from Zach Levine's article on the progress of the sale of the Astros, from Steve Greenberg, in charge of the investment firm handling the sale:

"We're pleased with the level of interest that's been expressed to this point."

And Tom Kirkendall tweeted a sentiment this morning that perfectly sums up our reaction:

Does the Chron think that McLane's investment bankers would ever say publicly that the sale of the Stros is going badly?

Exactly. Nobody would say, "Yeah, this kind of sucks. We've been offered $20, a stack of legal pads, and a roll of 32-cent stamps for the Astros. We'll never sell this team, unless ol' Drayton lowers his asking price by, say, $300 million."