Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jeff Pearlman just won't leave it alone

So. Jeff Pearlman appeared on Mike Silva's podcast (link captip to AstroBrit) and reiterated his stance that Bagwell and, yes, Biggio were PED users:

For the record, Pearlman reiterated his position on Jeff Bagwell saying he was “so certain he used steroids from being around that team, era, and researching his Clemens book.” He would go on to tell me that if Bagwell didn’t use then the “world is flat.”When I asked him if Craig Biggio falls into the same category as Bagwell because he played for Houston, a team that he said earlier in the show was hotbed for PED use, he said yes.

Click the link to hear the podcast.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he believes in "innocent until proven guilty". I hope that he is accused of something, even if he is innocent, so that he understands what being judged is like.

Andrew said...

Jeff Pearlman is a giant plagerizer, I cant prove it, but I feel it in my gut. He is around writers all the time, so he must be copying.

Lane said...

Major +1 for Andrew

Clinton said...

I always feel like writers who take the Pearlman approach come dangerously close to slander/libel, and I think if I were in Bagwell's or Biggio's shoes, I'd consider firing back. If I were innocent, that is.