Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hardball Talk's Astros Depth-Chart

Hardball Talk has their version of what the Astros' Depth-Chart looks like (click the link, I'm not re-posting the entire thing. Tell me what you think. If you're like me, this little nugget caught your eye:

Bogusevic was a disappointment again last season and it no longer seems likely that he’ll turn into even a legitimate fourth outfielder.

I'm just curious as to what about 2010 made Bogusevic a disappointment. Again. His Triple-A OPS rose 71 points. He only played in a handful of Major League games. The Astros have Carlos Lee's Immovable Contract and two outfielders who are - by all accounts - productive. What expectations could anyone possibly have about an outfielder who has only been an outfielder for two seasons (heading into 2010)?

Read this article at your peril. If you are pregnant, or have high blood pressure, or are taking Viagra, you might just want to leave it alone.