Monday, December 20, 2010

River Ave. Blues has their sights on two Astros

Over at the always-quality River Ave. Blues (Yankees blog), Mike Axisa ponders the potential acquisition of Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers. It's a well-thought-out argument, so be sure to give it a click, but here is the verdict:

Brett Myers:
Myers was sure to decline his part of an $8M mutual option for 2011 after the season he had, but Wade (who had Myers in Philadelphia) was proactive. He signed the righty to a two-year contract extension with a third year club option worth no less than $23M. Myers would make a lot of sense for the Yankees, but I just can’t imagine the Astros would be willing to trade him less than five months after giving him the extension.

Wandy Rodriguez:
Rodriguez simply makes far more sense for the Yankees and their current needs. He’s left-handed, can strike people out, and is on a short-term commitment. The Javy Vazquez trade could be a good comp in terms of prospect package required since both guys were coming off strong seasons with just one year left on their deals, so that means an average or worse big leaguer, a lower level pitching prospect, and a fungible relief prospect.