Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Bagwell information, for your consideration

Of course, Richard Justice is all about putting Bagwell in the Hall this year.

Justice, who is spot on:
That said, I know of zero evidence he used steroids. All the aggressive reporting on steroid use has come about as a result of criminal investigations, and Bagwell's name has never come up.

Some voters will presume guilt anyway. Again, if the Major League Players Association had agreed to testing when the owners first put it on the bargaining table in 1994, we wouldn't have to have this debate.

OK, what if we find out a decade from now that Bagwell used steroids? Won't I feel dumb for voting for him?

Nope. Voting will never be perfect as long as human beings are casting them. All you can do is take the best information you have on election day and make a decision.

The Hartford Courant's Don Amore does an excellent job recapping some media and baseball reaction to Bagwell's candidacy, as well. Well worth your click.