Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jerome Solomon takes our morning, and crams it down the toilet

I love Christmas. Santa Claus, sugarplum fairies, and whatnot. I love it because you're encouraged to suspend reality, even if it's for a week or two, and believe in something unbelievable (like a parking spot, or the hope that not everybody in Bed, Bath, and Beyond isn't going to be a complete douche).

However, Jerome Solomon took that suspension of reality, and beat it to death with his column on the 2011 Astros.

Wade believes Lee, Pence and Chris Johnson, who had a tremendous rookie season at third base, give the Astros three middle-of-the-lineup bats capable of delivering 25-30 home runs apiece and generating offense that could put the team in the hunt.

Brett Wallace at first base won't make us forget Lance Berkman anytime soon, but let's assume he'll graduate from Room .222 where he spent last season.

We'll also assume young catcher Jason Castro will at least hit his weight next season. Too bad he weighs only 210 pounds.

And so on...