Monday, November 1, 2010

Will Michael Bourn win another Gold Glove?

Hey, so the Fielding Bible released the results of their voting today, broken down by position.

The only Astro to receive even a vote was Michael Bourn who, with 91 points, received the highest total of any CF. (Berkman got three points among 1B).

Interestingly enough, Peter Gammons voted Bourn 5th among CFs, behind (respectively) Angel Pagan, Franklin Gutierrez, Austin Jackson, and Chris Young.

Aside: Mark Buehrle received the highest number of votes among pitchers, based solely on that Opening Day play.

UPDATE: Citizen James is correct. As we shake the rust off after a weekend away, Humberto Quintero did come in 9th among catchers, and Wandy received a vote at pitcher. Our collective bad.