Monday, November 22, 2010

Tom Lawless gets hisself a promotion

2010's Lancaster manager Tom Lawless has been promoted to the same position with Double-A Corpus Christi.

He'll be joined by pitching coach Don Alexander, who comes up from Lancaster; and hitting coach Stubby Clapp, who gets a promotion from Lexington.

And in a related note, the Astros announced that they have hired Larry Prado - who signed Ryan Braun for Milwaukee - to scout central and south Florida.


Anonymous said...

Nice typo in the headline for a blog that makes fun of the typos of real writer.

The jokes on you.

Let it be known that Astros County spells himself 'hisself.' Good job nerds.

Astros County said...

Noted, Grammar Nazi. And besides, it's not a typo, moron - it was intentional. Piss off.

Anonymous said...

Very sensitive to negative comments. That's what you'd expect from a crappy blog filled with nerds and unprofessionals.

Time for you and the nerd patrol to collaborate and write a featured piece on this exchange of dialogue.

Free advice, go get a real job.

Astros County said...

God have mercy. How many times do we need to go over this? Okay, try to keep up:

1. This isn't our job.

2. We do this for fun.

3. Therefore, we can't be professionals at something we don't get paid for.

4. We used "himself" in a colloquial manner of speaking. Sue us.

5. Or, feel free to head over to the Examiner or Bleacher Report for your thoughts and viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

anonymous-for someone who supposedly dislikes this blog, you are on here entirely too much!! Get over yourself and go back to your real job.