Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This no-good, horrible, terrible, very boring offseason

Jeebus. This is terrible, isn't it? I mean, for crying out loud, we just posted about how Marco Freaking Scutaro was expendable, and then completely discounted the possibility of acquiring him from the Red Sox.

What the heck are we going to do? There are no rumors of any substance, save for the seemingly-annual possibility of Drayton selling the team. But the truth of it is, this is the most boring off-season in quite some time. Over the past few years, we've at least had a World Series appearance, the collapse of said World Series team, trading for Miguel Tejada (even the bad decisions are noteworthy), trading Lidge, reshaping the bullpen, a new manager, and a host of other notable events. At least there was the chance that the Astros would be making some headlines.

Unless the Astros come out of absolutely nowhere and make a major move, this is about all we have to go on - at least until arbitration time, which can drag on for weeks.

So what in the world will keep you checking Astros County this winter?

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Appy Astros Fan said...

December 6-9 winter meetings - I am sure there will be something to talk about then. If we can only hang on till then.