Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hardball Talk's Best and Worst Astros uniform

Here's an entertaining read, as Craig Calcaterra continues his Best And Worst Uniforms series with our Astros.

Read it.


Agree, or disagree?


Seth said...

I agree. The shooting stars with the Navy and Orange color scheme has always been my favorite. I wish the Astros would somehow revert back to it.

Steve Payne said...

I actually like the brick red uni's best. I agree that the late 90's gray's were terrible.

Reuben said...

Late-60's shooting stars, followed closely by late-80's shoulder stripes. The current unis are OK, just kind of bland. The road grays look the best, but it seems they hardly ever wear them.

The current black caps are not bad, but the old cap with the "H" over the orange star on navy/dark gray was far and away the best and most compelling.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked the 94-99 Jerseys the best. Perhaps it's the nostalgia of that magical '94 season that was cut short by the strike....Bagwell was killing it that year.