Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hal Bodley speaks on Bagwell's HOF chances

Click here to watch a video of MLB.com's Hal Bodley breaking down Jeff Bagwell's Hall of Fame chances.

The money quote, transcribed:
I suspect, ultimately, he'll be in the Hall of Fame...Is he a first-ballot electee? I don't think so, and I suspect that's the way the voters are going to respond.


Josh Powling said...

Man that is some biting analysis by Mr. Bodley. He could have added anything, a qualifier for that statement, but no, nothing.

Andrew said...

Since you were just at Cooperstown maybe you can help me out here. Where is the "first ballot" section of the hall of fame?

Astros County said...

The only First Ballot section of the Hall of Fame is under "1936."

It's interesting, though, there are still writers who say, "If Joe DiMaggio didn't get in until the third ballot, that should apply to everyone else."