Monday, November 29, 2010

Astros talking long-term with Wandy, tell Bourn and Pence to piss off

Maybe not in those terms. But still, the Astros have discussed a long-term deal with Wandy Rodriguez, but as Zach Levine reports, "are unlikely" to do the same with Bourn and Pence.

Of course the reasoning is that this is Wandy's final year of arbitration eligibility, while Bourn won't become a free agent until 2013, and Pence until 2014.

How long-term? If I were Ed Wade - which, of course, I'm not - I would be hesitant to offer any more than three years for Wandy. He lost his arbitration case last year, being forced to subsist on $5 million for 2010. What terms would you offer for Wandy? I'd be comfortable with 3 years/$20 million, especially with Arnsberg on staff.

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