Thursday, November 18, 2010

And now, reactions

Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, here are some immediate reactions to the Paulino-for-Barmes trade:

Hunter Pence:
He can drop bombs at MMP

Dave Cameron:
Felipe Paulino for Clint Barmes kind of speaks for itself. #EdWade

Joe Sheehan (and here)
Barmes will be 32 next spring, has a .300 career OBP (all spent at Coors) and a good bet to be non-tendered. How do you trade ANYTHING for that?"

Denver Post's Troy E. Renck:
That's a great spot for barmes, can be (their) everyday shortstop.

Jerome Solomon:
Snap judgments aren't the best, but hard to get excited when the Astros add a guy who hit .235 last year.

Hardball Talk's Aaron Gleeman:
I think Paulino still has a chance to be a pretty solid pitcher, but between his awful performance so far and various injury problems it’s tough to blame the Astros for giving up on him.

Giving up on him in order to acquire Barmes, of course, is another issue.

Houston will be mocked for this trade to various degrees. Not because they gave up a high-upside arm like Paulino, but because they did so to acquire a mediocre talent that might have been available at a lesser cost in a matter of weeks. As it stands, Colorado did well to get something in return for Barmes, and particularly well for the return to have upside.

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