Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wade discusses the Blum/Michaels decision

Ed Wade talked about the decisions to let Blum go and keep Michaels.

On Michaels:
"He does a lot of things well for us," Wade said. "The fact he can play all three outfield positions and can give us a good at-bat off the bench, even when he's not playing, is big. Those are all huge contributions he makes. Aside from that, his presence in the clubhouse is very much appreciated. He's great at communicating with the young guys and sort of carrying the message that [manager Brad Mills] and the coaching staff are trying to deliver out there."

On Blum:
"Being a veteran influence on this ballclub was good and he did a real good job for us off the bench. As a manager, you're going to miss guys like that. ...What went into not having him back? I know we looked at a lot of things, maybe what we wanted to do with the money issues and things of that nature. Again, we're turning and moving on and that's no reflection on Blummer. He couldn't have been a more outstanding person, teammate and clubhouse guy."