Monday, October 11, 2010

Season Ticket Holder negatively affected by the Press Box change

I love the comments section. Regarding the Richard Justice post, in which he lambasted the Astros' decision to shrink the Press Box, we were able to get a comment from a season-ticket holder, who is directly affected by the move. Here it is, reprinted in it's entirety:

To sort of validate Peanut's thoughts - I'm one of the people who are negatively affected by this particular change.

My season tickets are in section 120, a few rows in front of the writers booth. I love the civility of the section, the lack of distractions, and hearing the official scorer's booth announcements. That will all be gone next year with the change to a "members only" club at my back. I will be letting my season tickets go because of it, and I'm absolutely sick about this change. Honestly - it's all but ruined the off-season for me.

At Fan Fest next season, I'll have to "test-sit" a few other places for season tickets and hope they are available for purchase.

Way to go, Astros. Alienate the press. Alienate the Season Ticket Holders. All in one land-grab move.

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