Friday, October 29, 2010

New Astros network starting in 2012

Boom. There it is. The Astros and Rockets are starting their own Regional Sports Network (RSN) in 2012, in association with Comcast.

Sports Business Journal's John Ourand:
Comcast SportsNet Houston would be an regional sports network that will be up to 80-percent owned by the Astros and Rockets.

Since both teams will be on Fox Sports Houston next year, they do not want to participate in a big announcement that could potentially embarrass the network. And Comcast, with its NBC acquisition still in front of regulators, it is not looking to make a big splash, either.

Update: David Barron says that the RSN will take effect for Astros games in 2013. Presumably to celebrate the end of Carlos Lee's contract. Barron points out that the old deal (with FSH) was worth $50 million per year for the Rockets and Astros, each.


Kathy Amen said...

Do you, or any other blog readers, have information on how this change will affect those of us in the hinterland? In my case, I'm a San Antonio resident and DirectTV subscriber. I'm not too worried, since by 2013 we might all be going internet-TV exclusively anyway. But any time something like this happens I wonder if the Astros "home market" territory might be re-drawn.

Astros County said...

That's a good question. I would imagine that DirecTV (or whoever you'll switch to) would pick up the RSN. I can't imagine that San Antonio wouldn't be a part of the Astros' market, but I also couldn't imagine tens of Dish Network subscribers wouldn't be able to watch postseason games on television. It's likely more bleak for viewers using Comcast's competitors as their cable provider (and a captip to Crawfish Boxes for that last note).