Friday, October 1, 2010

Mills and Myers react to G159

We get some reaction by the major players in the Myers Streak drama, courtesy of Brian McTaggart.

"When a guy is struggling with command like he is, there becomes a time. Had the time gone too far at that point? Maybe so, but he's our No. 1 pitcher, too. I think he deserves a chance to get out of some of those innings as well...

...It seemed like he was trying and battling through his command and working and he just couldn't get the command of the pitches. He was trying to get through as he went on. There have been games like that where he's struggled at the first part, but he's been able to lock it in and pick it back up for the rest of the game. It just didn't happen."

"The whole coaching staff has given me a chance to succeed and given me a chance to win ballgames and obviously the streak or whatever was all on them. They let me go out there and accomplish what I needed to accomplish and help the team win. Overall I felt like it was a pretty good year. It probably caught up with me towards the end."

Going into last night's start, Myers' OPS-against breakdown was as such:

1st inning: .725
2nd inning: .530
3rd inning: .706
4th inning: .725
5th inning: .634
6th inning: .640
7th inning: .694

1st time through the lineup: .639
2nd time through the lineup: .696
3rd time through the lineup: .656