Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hunter Pence pulls a Roy Hobbs

Stephen Goff (who initially used The Natural metaphor), describes Hunter Pence's mammoth BP homer before G161, which we can't be bothered to even recap (short version: it sucked.)

Pence did his best impression of Robert Redford's character "Roy Hobbs" in The Natural by turning on a pitch that not only flew over the railroad tracks, but landed approximately 200 feet above the Crawford Boxes in left field on top of the stadium lights, where it still remains.

"How did you like that one," Pence said with a big smile.

Veteran outfielder Jason Michaels, one of Pence's close friends, was certainly impressed.

"That had to have been over 500 feet," Michaels said. "You figure its 315 feet down the line, and Pence hit that about 200 feet over that. It was a perfect Robert Redford shot."


Anonymous said...

I liked the article. I witnessed the event on the field. It was one of the greatest home run shots I'd ever seen fly off a bat, even if it was just batting practice.

It was kind of one of those things you had to see in person to appreciate.

My question is why you don't put more stuff from Stephen Goff your site.

I've met Steve several times in the press box this year. He's the nicest guy and very popular with the players and other media.

He's the best writer nobody has every heard of, especially in Houston.

The Constable. said...

That's a good point. He seems like a very nice guy, and we read just about everything he posts. We'll do a better job linking to his stuff - thanks for the heads-up.