Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greeneville Astros: Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
How did he get here?: Drafted, 2010 (34th Round)
Stats: 5'11", 205 lbs, Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2011: 23
Birthplace/Hometown: North Syracuse, NY
Men of the Match: 1

2010 Overview


What happened?

Cole was drafted out of St. John's, where he allowed 23 hits in 28.2IP and a .232 BAA in 2010.

He settled in to a bullpen role pretty quickly, and allowed 30 hits in 35IP, walking just eight batters all season - five of them to LHBs.

Cole steadily got better as the season progressed, allowing a .273 BAA in June, .230, BAA in July, and .192 BAA in August (though August saw a 4.05 ERA - highest of the season).

He got sent to Tri-City at the conclusion of Greeneville's season to help with the playoff push, relieving the relievers who had been taxed over the stretch.

What went right?

Pitching to righties. Cole allowed 16H/5ER, 18K:3BB and a .184 BAA against RHBs on the season (76 batters).

Walks. Obviously, only walking eight batters over the course of a season isn't bad - and four of them were intentional walks. Five walks were to LHBs, three were to RHBs. Six were at home, two on the road. Though in August, likely tiring from a long season between St. John's/Greeneville, he walked five in his final ten appearances (four in three appearances from August 3-11).

Groundballs. Cole posted a 1.88 GB:FB ratio on the season - 2.50 in August.

What went wrong?

Lefties. LHBs tagged him for 14 hits and five walks in 10.2IP for a 1.78 WHIP (0.78 WHIP vs. RHBs).

Runners in scoring position. Both of the homers he allowed (including one in Greeneville's season finale) came with RISP, and his groundball rate was at its lowest in that split (1.27).

Appy Astros says: With his age and his performance, I could see him in the pen in Lexington next season.

Agreed. Good debut season, and it's nice to have a groundball, low-walk reliever in the bullpen.