Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Berkman still wants to play

Nothing like a playoff run to charge up them batteries. Berkman told Dave Dalati that his bat problems stem from his knee injury:

Berkman says he’s figured out he wants to continue playing baseball next season and beyond. Berkman said he recently realized that most of his offensive struggles this year were due to the knee injury he suffered at spring training.

“Having that knee surgery in spring training and having that knee problem the whole year was a lot bigger deal than I initially thought it was going to be."

How much would you pay Berkman to return to Houston?


OremLK said...

I hate to say it, but I don't think I would bring back Lance even if the Astros somehow managed to get rid of Lee. It's time to move on. I still believe that Brett Wallace is the 1B of the future.

Patrick said...

I agree 100%. I'm a big Berkman fan. But him coming back to the Astros at this point would be taking a step backward in the growth of this team

Ryan Sides said...

I would only bring him back on a one year, incentive heavy contract IF we got rid of Lee. (And that's ONLY so we have the option of letting Wallace develop more in AAA next year.) If we can't move Lee, I'd chip in $20 for him NOT to come back to Houston. (And I'm as big of a Puma fan as anyone... I just don't think it's what is best for the team.)

BlazeMule said...

I think the only way we should have him back would be as a pinch hitter/part time sub at 1B, but honestly Lee would have to go first because his sorry butt is really messing with this team's future. Especially if he is stunting Wallace's growth by taking up time at 1B. I just don't understand what the Management is thinking playing him in front of Wallace, just does not make sense. The only thing I can think of would be for more trade value.

Kathy Amen said...

What I want to know is why is he just finding out that his problems came from the injured leg? I would swear I saw comments either here or on the Chronicle Fan Blog (or both) to that effect last summer. Before he was traded.

Perhaps some of you fine folks on these blogs should be making the big bucks advising baseball clubs officially. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i think i'd rather pay him a million to not come back next year.