Friday, October 15, 2010

Astros nab two of the five top 2Bs in the SAL

According to Scouting the SAL, the Astros have something special in Jose Altuve (captip to Appy Astros for the link).

First, on Jimmy Paredes (ranked #2):
The only player on this list I was unable to scout in person, sources I spoke to commented on both his projection, and just how far away his skills were from ever reaching it. With a .287/.317/.417 line which included 50 stolen bases, best case scenario leaves Paredes as a passable second baseman with a solid combination of gap power and speed. Worst case, he’s little more than a very good athlete with a baseball skill set in which the pieces just never seem to fit together.

Hm. Well, what about Jose Altuve (ranked #3):
One of the best baseball players I’ve seen at the level, Altuve’s small stature had to weigh into my rankings or he would have had a legitimate shot at the top spot. Listed at 5’5″, there’s simply very little precedent for a player of his size becoming a successful pro. However, a .301/.357/.448 line including 42 stolen bases from any 20-year old prospect deserves respect. Especially when he also stands out from a scouting perspective.

Jose "Wee Man" Altuve! He's going to be dealing with questions about his size everywhere he goes, so let's just go ahead and not worry about mentioning it again.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, you guys are big nerds and I can tell you are proud of it. Do you guys even get paid for this crap, or is it just a misguided passion?

This blog is just another piece of crap clogging the Internet.

The Constable. said...

Thanks for stopping by!

The Constable. said...

Just out of curiosity, what would constitute an appropriately-guided passion?

Jonathan Berry, Katy, TX said...

I agree with "Anonymous." Just another shitty blog on the net. Not very professional, either. If someone leaves a negative comment, whoever runs this crap has to reply with some type of sarcasm defense. I don't see professional writers respond to negative comments. It's the nature of the beast. These guys aren't real pros on Astros County. If you say something bad, it hurts their feelings, and they strike back with a comment of their own. That's not a real writer. These guys are frauds.

I bet a million dollars that they respond to me on this post. Of course they will. Unfortunately, in today's society, geeks like Astros County have blogs and take up space. I like the Astros as a normal fan, but it is really stupid to go above and beyond to create a blog like this. It's obsessive and creepy. I can only imagine the real writers who are employed to write about the Astros laugh their asses off at these guys.

The Constable. said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what your objective is in coming on here and bashing the site or the people on it. Some people really do follow the Astros every day of the year, and come to sites like this for enjoyment and info. I often find articles posted on here that I would not have found otherwise. So if your gonna come on here and talk shit, just dont come on here at all. Its that simple. They arent bothering you or instigating anything. Your remarks and actions are truely childish and baffling. Thanks to the people who run this site. Guess I'm a baseball and Astros nerd too, and yes I am damn proud of it.

Joe said...

Wow I really cannot believe these people are stooping to such low levels. They really have no right to be posting their hateful opinions. Is there a way to moderate this site and keep the "goons" out? I've said this once, I'll say it again and this time in CAPS this time. HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE. They were born that way. I love my first amendment, but there are cowards like them who ruin it for all of us.

I think you boys are doing a fabulous job and this is my NUMERO UNO website for Astro's news. Keep up the good work. Altuve and Paredes seem to be some very nice pieces for the future.

Joe said...

I'm a baseball nerd. Theres nothing wrong with that. They are obviously steaming over the fact that girls are attracted to baseball nerds much more than "internet tough guys" who harass bloggers under different alias polluting their site. I think everyone going forward should completely ignore everything they say. Don't feed the troll because I don't mind talking over them. :)

Anonymous said...

I like this blog too. I agree people shouldn't come in here and talk crap on the site.

People have to understand that if you write or post stuff on the net, it's going to attract negative comments at times.

Not trying to be rude, but I read this site from time to time, and every now and again, Astros County rips on writers with their own personal opinions.

Of course, I don't mind it at all. Hell, it's freedom of speech, but still, why should Astros County have the right to rip on writers, yet if a fan or follower posts a negative comment on this blog, it's unacceptable to the ones who run it, and the followers seem to immediately come to the defense.

The door swings both ways. I agree people shouldn't come in here and talk smack, but this site should not be so sarcastic at times with opinions.

It seems like everyone that's coming to the defense of Astros County, including the blog runners, are sending the message that it's okay for the blog to rip on everyone else, but it's not okay for anyone else to rip on the blog.

If someone does post something negative, I agree with Jonathan that it's unprofessional for the writer or person running the blog to respond.

It's one thing for another reader to, but for the actual person running the site, that's something different.

Let it go, there will be positive and negative comments on anything written.

I've posted comments on a few of Richard Justice's articles saying I disagree with what he's saying.

He's never responded to any of my comments. Why should he? That's being a true pro.

My advice to Astros County is keep up the good work and if someone posts a bad comment, just ignore it and move forward. Writers and bloggers aren't suppose to get all sensitive when something bad is said.

Just a thought.

Hal said...

I'm convinced that "Anonymous" and "Jonathan Berry" are the same person.

Hal said...

"I've posted comments on a few of Richard Justice's articles saying I disagree with what he's saying.

He's never responded to any of my comments. Why should he? That's being a true pro."

You're mistaken. Justice may not have responded to your comments, but he does respond to reader comments. And since you're unaware that he responds to comments, I wouldn't be surprised if he had responded to one of your comments and you were simply unaware of that also.

BTW, when I said I thought Anonymous and Jonathan Berry were the same person, I was referring to Anonymous I.

OremLK said...

Ignoring the obvious troll(s)...

...I find it interesting that Scouting the Sally likes Altuve so much; I hope they do a full scouting report sometime soon. He was probably my favorite sleeper prospect in the organization... love rooting for the underdog.

Mike Newman said...

Hey OremLK, I'll be writing a full report with video on Altuve. Be on the lookout and check out my other reports on Astros prospects.

Astros County said...

Okay, in order to perpetuate the perception that we respond to negative comments - we're going to address it.

We do get a number of not-positive comments - which pass without any sarcam or judgment. That's what's great about America!

But over the course of the last couple of weeks, we've had two instances in which it wasn't so much criticism as it was a case of someone being a prick, and that deserved a snarky response.

Do we like to be criticized? No, who does? However, to the 1st Anonymous poster of this thread, if you ask a question in your comment, we'll respond.

And for the last time: No, we're not professionals! God have mercy, how many times do we have to go over this? Sure, if we were working for the Chronicle - which there's about as good a chance of that happening as there is of the earth crashing into the sun - to respond in such a manner would be inappropriate.

But this is our blog, and we will (kindly) do whatever we want. Stop talking about the internet like it's a finite space. You can't clog it up. We haven't opened up a sex shop next to a pre-school. We're writing about a baseball team.

"Obsessive and creepy" would be taking pictures of the team leaving the park, or at dinner, not linking to articles that are fairly easily found on Google. You don't have to come back, and perhaps you shouldn't.

And Mike, keep up the good work at Scouting the SAL. Highly recommended.

OremLK said...

Thanks Mike! I'll look forward to it. Great website by the way.