Friday, October 15, 2010

Astros nab two of the five top 2Bs in the SAL

According to Scouting the SAL, the Astros have something special in Jose Altuve (captip to Appy Astros for the link).

First, on Jimmy Paredes (ranked #2):
The only player on this list I was unable to scout in person, sources I spoke to commented on both his projection, and just how far away his skills were from ever reaching it. With a .287/.317/.417 line which included 50 stolen bases, best case scenario leaves Paredes as a passable second baseman with a solid combination of gap power and speed. Worst case, he’s little more than a very good athlete with a baseball skill set in which the pieces just never seem to fit together.

Hm. Well, what about Jose Altuve (ranked #3):
One of the best baseball players I’ve seen at the level, Altuve’s small stature had to weigh into my rankings or he would have had a legitimate shot at the top spot. Listed at 5’5″, there’s simply very little precedent for a player of his size becoming a successful pro. However, a .301/.357/.448 line including 42 stolen bases from any 20-year old prospect deserves respect. Especially when he also stands out from a scouting perspective.

Jose "Wee Man" Altuve! He's going to be dealing with questions about his size everywhere he goes, so let's just go ahead and not worry about mentioning it again.