Monday, October 18, 2010

Alyson Footer's new blog post is a good one

Good post from Alyson Footer, in which she thankfully sets the expectation level for Houston's signing Carl Crawford:

I put the odds at slim to none. The numbers I'm hearing bandied about from industry insiders is six years at $120 million or seven at $140 million. Yes, there will be a team out there goofy enough to shell out that kind of cash. I cannot envision it'll be the Astros.

Within the post, we also get some sad news:

Terribly tragic news from out Latin American operation: Astros Venezuelan Scout Luimac Quero passed away in the early morning hours on Sunday from a heart attack at the age of 26. He is survived by his wife Klineidy Leon, who is three months pregnant, and his one year old daughter, Megan Quero. Deep condolences to his family.


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Bigbot said...

Wow, 26 years old? That's pretty young to get a heart attack.