Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wade, on the purpose of meaningless September games

Zach Levine says that maybe these games aren't so meaningless.

"The fact that we've seen a lot of the younger players perform at center stage in July and August and September, it gives us a better read on things. All that helps us formulate more definitive opinions on players, and I think it gives us a clearer idea or focus going into the offseason barring anything unforeseen happening."

Unlike last year, when the Astros kept playing Miguel Tejada at SS and Geoff Blum at 3B. What about free agency?
"As far as definitively formulating a plan, there's too much uncertainty out there with regard to what the market is going to be about. You look at a prospective free-agent list today, and it's markedly different than what actually exists once the filing period begins."

Levine really pisses me off here, because he basically beat us to a post we had been working on for later today, which now may or may not see the light of day. The point being: remember the raises due to Wandy, Pence, Bourn, and Keppinger come arbitration day.

What are the question marks? Zach Levine:
Decisions could be looming at shortstop and catcher if there is more offense available on the market from the two premium defensive positions. And by using the second half of the season to give Carlos Lee time at first base, the Astros could look at left-field options as well.

That SS question may have been answered by Angel Sanchez, with whom the Astros have been well pleased. Brad Mills:
"Very pleasantly surprised, and the only reason the surprise is here is that nobody knew that he was on our radar. To be able to hit close to .280 and be able to do the things he has, that's pretty solid."

Sanchez will head to Puerto Rico to play Winter Ball for Mayaguez.

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