Saturday, September 18, 2010

Triple-A manager an extension of Mills

McTaggart has a good pre-game Notes column today (as always), and we get a glimpse of what the Astros are looking for in their new Triple-A manager.

"I was in very close contact with the manager and tried to do everything he did, and that's one of the reasons the Triple-A manager and the coaching staff stays at the Major League level in Spring Training with the Major League staff for so long, so they can take a look and see how they're teaching."

Mills said it's important for the Triple-A players to instill tactics, such as running routes or throwing to the cutoff man, like the players would be prepared to do at the Major League level, regardless of the dimensions of the Minor League park.

Also, players who are hitting in the thick of the order in Triple-A might have a future in the Major Leagues hitting lower in the order, making it important that they learn how to hit behind runners, be adept at hit-and-runs and be able to bunt.