Monday, September 20, 2010

Some fan reaction to the OKC partnership

In the Oklahoman's story on the Astros/RedHawks PDC, we get to see the ever-entertaining comments. A few of my favorites:

Welp, guess I won't be attending any Redhawks games. Bad, bad move. If I do go it will be when Round Rock comes to town so I can boo the hometeam and cheer for the visiting team. Thank you Nolan Ryan - you idiot and thank you to the new ownership for choosing the Astros - NOT!!!
Just as long as they DESTROY round rock, I don't care if they win another game all season.
Greeeeaaattt, from one of the best farms systems to one of the worst. Boy, are we lucky. I hate seeing the Rangers put out of OKC. I understand why... I just hate it.