Thursday, September 23, 2010

...says Bourgeois as he slowly hides his voodoo doll behind his back

The Astros Notebook on has a couple of things of note, particularly Jason Bourgeois taking advantage of injuries to Pence and Bourn.

"I don't wish that on anybody with injuries. I wish good health for all players. But if the opportunity presents itself like this, it's something I've been preparing for and something I'm ready for. I'm a guy that doesn't have a lot of time, so I want to make my presence felt," he said. "A couple more weeks left is a good time to put good positive [feelings] in the coaches and everybody's heads. Make a lasting impression."

We also see that Mills isn't all that concerned about Matt Lindstrom, unbelievably:

"He feels strong, his back feels good, his arm feels good, his velocity is very good. His pitches have a lot of crispness."

That crispness may be the sound of the bat politely cracking the ball in half.