Monday, September 6, 2010

Reid Ryan: Hill Country fans want a change

Round Rock CEO Reid Ryan says that the fans are interested in an affiliation change, as the season comes to a merciful end today.

"Our fans have expressed interest in a change, so we have to listen to that. There are a lot of parts to putting together a good experience, and winning on a consistent basis is a big component of that."

Express GM Dave Fendrick:
"We've certainly had a lot of questions about a possible change, but we can't confirm anything until the season's over."

Avery Holton:
Signs of the switch could begin as early as this afternoon, when Round Rock is expected to file its intent to change affiliations with Minor League Baseball, according to a source close to the team.

So way to go, Express fans. Because you can't handle losing, you're going to miss out on watching the future of the Astros 72 times a year. Go cry me a freaking river, and pop that teat out of your mouth.

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