Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moehler wants to pitch for a playoff team

The possibility of playing on a team going to the post-season is what's driving Brian Moehler.

"The only thing that drives me is making the playoffs," he said. "If I had a ring on my finger, I don't know if I'd play next year, but I've never been to the playoffs. I'd be open to coming back here, because I don't think this team is all that far away at all.

"A lot of the main pieces are in place for this team to be very successful next year. That's something I would be open to. I want to go to the playoffs."



AstroBrit said...

Would it be cruel of me to say he's more likely to win a ring at Tri City by doing an Andy Pettite than with the Astros?

Brian West said...

Moehler is supposed to be a good club house guy. That will be his ticket to the Astros next year, if they bring him back. Long shot at best.