Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mills is good at communicating

Which, as we all know, is something of a departure from the Coop years. But Richard Justice pours it on thick for Mills.

"I want them to know they're in my thoughts. It's not easy sometimes. There are some guys it's hard to approach because they haven't played in three or four days. Yesterday, I had to talk to Wesley Wright. I like Wesley an awful lot and think he has a chance to have a real good major league career. But I haven't gotten him in a game for two weeks. I'm very cognizant of that fact, and it wears on me.

I said, 'Wesley, I want to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. I'm concerned about the fact you haven't thrown. And I'm asking you to make sure you're getting in your throwing in the bullpen. That's important. Don't think I've forgotten about you or don't care about you or that you're not in our plans either now or in years to come. You are in our plans. I'm trying to show you how much of a concern it is because I'm talking to you about it.' If I ignored that situation, it wouldn't be fair to him."

This is an incredible story.

Even in the worst of times this season he never lost confidence the Astros were doing the right thing and that by doing the right thing there would be a reward. Now they're finishing fast and optimistic about the future, and in the clubhouse their manager has passed every test.

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