Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's all find a wellspring of joy in the midst of the Cardinals' misery

B.J. Rains has your "WTF Went Wrong" article for Fox Sports Midwest, as the Cardinals suddenly realize that ESPN wasn't just going to hand them the NL Central. Let's get some reaction:

Brendan Ryan:
“It’s like a rainy day. I feel like a failure because I got a taste of the playoffs and I feel like we should have done better than that, bringing back pretty much the same core and it just didn’t happen. It’s sad. It’s depressing. It’s frustrating – probably more frustrating than anything. Hopefully we can rebuild and hopefully I’ll be back here next year.”

Former Astro Trever Miller:
“We’re all grotesquely disappointed. I know I am in the season I had. I was very mediocre this year and that’s my contribution to where we’re at. Everybody has to look at their season individually and understand that each element went into that. It wasn’t awful but obviously when you’re a team that’s supposed to go to the playoffs and possibly win a world series, it’s very disappointing.

“We’re going to have the entire offseason to go over everything and wonder what went wrong and what went right. Last year we were sitting around wondering what happened in the playoffs, so there’s no formula to figure this out. It’s baseball. We didn’t play well enough against teams we should have beaten. That’s pretty much it.”

There's no word on Brendan Ryan's condition after Chris Carpenter raged in the Cardinals' clubhouse and, together with LaRussa and McGwire, slowly circled Brendan Ryan, meleed him, and began to eat his heart shortly before media was hurriedly escorted from the clubhouse.

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