Monday, September 13, 2010

Hardball Talk's Power Rankings

For a long time, I totally ignored the Power Rankings. They didn't mean anything. I didn't care if the Astros were ranked in relation to the Orioles. Today I got curious. So when I checked out Hardball Talk's weekly Power Rankings, I was taken aback:

Dodgers (17)/Astros (19):
The mood among Dodgers fans is impossibly grim right now. The mood among Astros fans is pretty damn good. Easy to forget, then, that the Dodgers are almost certain to play much better than they are right now next year and the Astros to play much worse.

Now I'm just going to set back and let you go.


Deputy Jason said...

This is asinine, Astros almost are guaranteed to play at least as well, if not better next season. With a few key additions this is a dangerous team within two seasons.

Anonymous said...

Can see the logic, the Dodgers do have more talent man-for-man and a true #1 starter in the making (Kershaw)....However, their talent has been unproductive and next year Mattingly will likely be a rookie manager, trying to control the many Dodger divas that Torre couldn't reach...that and the scrambled ownership picture could lead to another season of underachievement in LA.....