Saturday, September 18, 2010

GCL Astros: Francis Ramirez

Francis Ramirez
How did he get here?: Signed as free agent, November 2008
Stats: 6'5", 205 lbs, Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2011: 19

2010 Overview


Career (2009)


What happened?

Ramirez started ten games for the GCL Astros in 2010, and had the 2nd-lowest WHIP of GCL Astros starters with 10+ starts. He improved his strikeout rate, while reducing - slightly - his walk rate in his first domestic season. He also threw the lowest number of innings among starters with 10+ starts, averaging just under 4IP per start.

What went right?

Pitching against righties. Though 15 of his 18 walks came against RHBs, he held them to a .254 average, with 31H/13ER in 30IP, striking out 32 righties. His ERA against lefties? 6.52.

June and July. He posted a 2.74 ERA/0.96 WHIP in his first five starts of the season - 23IP.

What went wrong?

August. In his final five starts of the season, Ramirez posted a 7.02 ERA/1.98 WHIP. This is interesting, because he fared fairly poorly once he surpassed his 2009 IPs of 29.2.

Eleven of Ramirez' walks came with the bases empty, but batters only hit .203 against him (.312 w/runners on; .333 w/RISP).

Flyballs. Ramirez had a 0.84 GB/FB ratio in his ten starts - and only had a right-side-up ratio in July, when it was 1.55.

Ramirez is a big guy, so I'm guessing he goes to Greeneville next year, in his 19-year old season.