Saturday, September 4, 2010

GCL Astros: Chan-Jong Moon

Chan-Jong Moon
How did he get here?: Free agent, 2009
Stats: 6'0" 160 lbs, Bats: Left. Throws: Right
Age as of April 1, 2011: 20
Position: IF

2010 Overview


What happened?

Moon was signed by Pacific Rim scout Glen Barker last summer (reported in August, confirmed in September), and Barker said the following:
He's a high-energy player with solid fundamentals. His ceiling for growth and improvement is high, and I feel he will be a solid Major League player down the road.

Well, that ceiling has to be above some shag carpet, doesn't it? Rough professional debut for Moon - which is to be expected, I suppose, given the new surroundings, etc. Moon struck out an awful lot (about 32%, which you have already seen), and didn't show much pop.

Moon spent 19 games at 3B, committing nine errors in 62 chances (.855 Fld%), and 14 games at SS, with ten errors in 49 chances (.796 Fld%).

What went right?

Walks. Moon led the GCL Astros with 19 walks, and despite his low average, was 3rd on the team among players with 33+ appearances in OBP. 15 of his 19 walks came against RHP, for a .369 OBP.

Hitting w/RISP. Moon's OPS was .521 with the bases empty, .691 with men on, and .853 in 17ABs w/RISP, drawing seven walks with runners in scoring position.

What went wrong?

Uh, hitting. Moon hit .219/.324/.219 in July and .207/.333/.241 in August for a .585 season OPS. And after 89ABs, his BABIP was .352.

Hitting against lefties. In 24 ABs against LHP, Moon was 4x24 with 11K.

The Astros gave him a $350,000 signing bonus, so he'll be given every opportunity to move through the system. Once he gets some weight on that 160lb frame, and cuts down on those strikeouts, he has some promise.