Monday, September 6, 2010

From the Office of the County Clerk: Pedro Feliz edition

Because I feel bad for barbecuing all yesterday afternoon/evening and not doing a game recap, here's a mulligan:

*Pedro Feliz was traded to St. Louis following an August 18 loss to the Mets.

*Though he hadn't started regularly since the end of June, the Astros were 39-58 in his appearances.

*From Opening Day until he lost his starting job to Chris Johnson on June 30, the Astros were 30-48 (.385 Win%). Since June 30, the Astros are 34-24 (.586).

*From Opening Day until acquiring Pedro Feliz, the Cardinals were 65-53 (.550). Since acquiring Feliz, the Cardinals are 6-10 (.375).

*This means that, with Feliz making an appearance, his team's winning percentage is .383. Without him, his team's winning percentage is .562.

Obviously, he's just one man on a 25-man team, but the numbers - as usual - are hard to ignore.

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